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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Unforgotten Moment

I believe that every people have their own never forgotten moment. So do I. I have many unforgotten experience in my life. One of them is I had an accident with a car. On that time I'm riding a motorcycle. That accident happen when i'm on my way to go to work. It happen near to my house. I still remember how it happens.

There was a car on the other junction. I was on the other side of junction. When the traffic light change to green, I quickly turn right. At the same time, that car u turn his car without noticing me who is passing the road. in just a five seconds, I fell down. luckily I don't have serious injury. my leg and my elbow scratch. many people come to me to know whether i'm okay or not. I praised to Allah for saving me. 

When the crowd is worried about my condition, this irresponsible driver who hit me didnt satisfied. After he looked at my condition, he keep screaming to me. he said that I'm the one who is fault. He dont want to take his responsiblity. he dont want to pay all the treatment. I went to the clinic with a very nice guy. The iresponsible driver met my father and he still blaming me. Many witnesses said that it is not my fault. My father decided to make a police report since the driver did not want to give his cooperation.

After make the police report and they found evidences that it's not my fault, the driver start give his cooperation. He also being advised because of his manners.

Since the accident, I quite traumatize to see blood for a long period. It will make me remember every single things about the accident. Besides that, the accident taught me to be a very careful rider and also a careful driver. I always pray for my safety when i'm riding or driving.

That is all about my never forgotten experience. Thank you for reading this entry.  

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

10 facts about Hafizul Akmal

Hi everyone! Today, I'm going to expose my not-so-secret thing ;D

1) I'm the eldest brother in my siblings.

2) I'm super clean person. I always tidy up my things.

3) I take my bath more than 2 times per day.

4) I dont mind if I need to wear pink shirt.

5) I love to look at beautiful things.

6) I'm not so fussy in choosing foods. i love to eat anything as long as it Halal.

7) I ever had an accident with another car.

8) I can eaily get mad of something but I also can easily calm down.

9) I am 23 years old in 2013.

10) I am a mummy-son. I am closer to my mom rather than my dad.

that's all 10 secret of mine . thank you.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

My Hari Raya Edition

Hi everybody! Today I am going to share my Hari Raya story. I think it is just the same like yours. This year I celebrate my first day of Raya at my mother’s hometown. It is situated in Gelang Patah, Johor. Actually, my home is not so far from my grandmother’s house. So, for the first day of Raya menu are Rendang, Ketupat, Kuah Lodeh, Lemang, Kari Ayam and many more. But, this year is different from the previous year. My mother has cooked Nasi Briyani for our first Raya menu. Everyone in my house are enjoyed my mother’s foods.

As the eldest brother among my siblings, I am responsible to send all the food to my relative’s house. In the early morning I finished in sending the food. Next, I went to mosque for Solat Sunat Hari Raya. I love to see people in complete Baju Melayu together with the Samping. The scene is like a rainbow. People are wearing colourful Baju Melayu and Baju Kurung in the mosque. Many people are gathered together to perform the prayer.

After back from the prayer, we are gathered in the living room to greet everybody “Happy Eid Mubarak” and also to ask for forgiveness for all the wrong doings. This is the moment where most of my family members will cry because everyone is touched. After finished greeting all of them, it is the time for a student like me to receive “Duit Raya”. What a wonderful day. After I finished my study and have a career, I will not receive it anymore as I am the one who giving the children ‘Duit Raya”.

Another must do activity is visiting my relatives. Since my mother’s family is big, we are convoy about 5 to 6 cars to go to their houses. It is so happy to be in a big family. It is so joyous. Not forgotten, we also visit our relatives that have passed away. We are missing them so much.

Next activity is family portrait! We are enjoyed in snapping picture all day long. Everyone is excited to show the pictures in their social network like Facebook, Twitter and also Blog.

Besides all of these, Hari Raya celebration cannot be separated with the Open House. Open house is inviting all relatives, officemates, schoolmates and friends to come to the house. Besides eating the cookies, there will be a special dish on that day. Everyone love to go to Open House invitation including me.

That’s all I can share with you. Thank you.

My First Work Ever

Today I’m going to share to all of you my first work experience. The first work that has been assigned to me is a factory worker. I’m not a person who is so choosey in choosing work. For me, as long as the work is Halal and do not give harmful to me myself and other peoples, it just enough. So, my first work is after I finished my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM). I just stay at home for a week. On the following week, I already work as a factory worker. The factory and my home are not so far. I just ride by my own to go there.

Many experience I gained from this work. First, I learn to speak other languages. This is so funny because my factory-mate is consisting of people from out of Malaysia. They are foreigner. They come from different countries. Three top countries are Indonesia, Philippine and India. So, I have learned a few basic words from them and I also teach them to speak our mother tongue. They love to learn it. Unfortunately, I cannot remember all the basic words that they taught me 5 years back. But, I hope they still remember what word that I taught them.

Another meaningful experience is this work has changed my bad behavior. Before this, I am a people that love to buy things that actually not so important. I always being scolded by my father but still I repeat it. But, since I work by myself, I never buy things that not so important. Now I know how valuable the money is. During that time, I realize that how hard my father put his effort to his work. It is so tiring to work 5 days in a week from 8am till 5pm. This experience made me more mature in make a decision.

Besides all of that, this work has changed my attitude. i became more discipline than before. I have to wake early so that my salary is not deducted because of the late. I also follow all the factory rules and work from 7am till 6pm. I also satisfied with the salary given to me. It is a lot for 17 years old boy like me.
Next experience that is not forgotten by me is when I was promoted to a higher position. My supervisor would like to give me a chance to be a chief among the worker in my section. It is a sweet memory. I will never ever forget my first work experience.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ramadhan Experience

Hi everyone! Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims out there. Everyone have their own stories and memories about their naughty behaviors while fasting during childhood. Me too. I would like to share my own experience.

I love fasting month so much. For me, Ramadhan is the best month because we could simply find delicious food everywhere at Ramadhan Bazaar. I love eating so much. When I was a child, my parent always bring me to the Bazaar to buy my favourite food. My favourite food is 'Murtabak'. Every evening, after I took my bath, they will bring me out to make me happy and not waiting for the Iftar time. Besides that, as we are living in Malaysia; the country with many races and religions, I love Ramadhan because I will meet my friends that come from different religions went to the Bazaar also. Everyone will going to bazaar to get the food they crave for, just like me.

Besides that, in my childhood time, I will try to complete my fasting because my parents will give me some rewards if I complete my fasting. I can choose whether I want pocket money or toys that I want it so much. every year I will wait the Ramadhan month because I will get whatever I want. For me, this is a way that my parent used to teach me fasting at the early age. For your information, I started to learn fasting since my age is 7 years. It is not a fault to a parent to give their child rewards if their child complete the fasting. But, when I was 10 years old , my parent stop rewarding me because I already grown up. 

I still remember, when I was a child, I like to play the firecracker. I know it is too dangerous but I still play it until my dad knew about it. I was angered by my dad because of that. He worried if the firecracker explode when it is still in my hand.

I have a very funny experience. Everytime I looked at the Almond London biscuits, I will remembered my fasting experience. At that time, I still in learning mode. One day, my mom baked the Almond London biscuits for the 'Hari Raya' preparation. I couldn't withstand my hunger and desire because of the smell. I can't looked at the biscuits because I really want to eat it. So, I secretly ate the biscuits when my mom sleep. I ate too much until my mom found that quarter of the biscuits had been eaten by me. I had been scolded by my mom and she would not giving me the rewards for a week as a fine to my bad behavior. Everytime I remember that story, I will smile. That is how I learned from my mistake. Finally, in the next subsequent years, I didn't skip from fasting anymore.

This is all about my own experience. Thank you for reading this entry.

Friday, 20 July 2012

My Classmates

      Hi friends! Today I would like to talk about my classmates. They are the member of JBM1123U group. There are 18 students including me in this class. Most of the student in this group is the same classmates since I was in Part One. First, I would like to introduce my male classmates and then followed by female classmates. I will introduce them one by one. 

His nickname is Paan. Paan is a hardworking and a kind person. He likes to help other people.

The first one is Qusyairi. He is a chubby guy with his own personality. He can be a serious person but sometimes he is also can be a humorous person. 

Next person is Haziq. Haziq is a good student. He is actively joining the activities whether in club or society. He is like the icon of this class because of his expertise inside and also outside the class. 

The third person is Imran. Imran is a quiet guy. As I know, he likes to sleep in his leisure time, it just same like me. 

In my class, there is a guy that always in a good mood and happy go lucky. His name is Shamil. 

Next, I will introduce a smart guy that has many friends especially girl friends. I liked to call him Akmal. 

Another student in my class is Ashraf. He is a quiet guy. He does not like to talk a lot in class. 

Opposite to Ashraf's characteristics is Baihaqi. Baihaqi like to talk a lot and always making jokes while lecture time. 

Besides Baihaqi, Faris also love to make people laugh. Both of them always make the class fun and enjoyable. If both of them are not there, the class will turn to silence class. Sometimes, I also joined them in making a joke. 

Last but not least is Hayatul Kamil. He is a nice guy that has mixed blood between Malay and Chinese. That is all about my male classmates. 

The first girl is Farah Hani. Farah Hani has a loud voice and fierce. 

Next person is Fatin Afifah. She is a smart student in my class. She is also a hardworking student. Many student will find her if they have something to ask regarding the subject taught by lecturer. 

Third female student is a girl that loves to talk in my class. She always talks a lot in the class. Moreover, she is cheerful girl. Her name is Lela. 

There is also a girl that has similar characteristics like Lela’s. Her name is Sabiha. Sabiha is also a cheerful girl that always make a joke and so funny. Everyone likes to be friend with her. 

Next is Liyana. Liyana got a different behaviour from Lela and Biha. She is a bit quiet girl. She does not talk too much in class. 

Next person that I want to introduce is Amira. She is a happy person and also a friendly girl. She always has an idea to talk about. 

The last female person that study together with me in this class is Sharifah Aziah. She is active student. She was active members in clubs and society that she had joined. 

       Hence, I already introduce each of my classmate and their special behaviour or characteristics. I like to be in this class and be friend with all of them. They respect me as their brother since I am the oldest among them. As a conclusion, everyone have their own strengths and weaknesses including me myself. So, do respect each other. That’s all for this entry. Thank you.


Monday, 9 July 2012

My Courses

        Hi! Today, I’m going to tell all of you about my courses. This semester I will take seven subjects. Only five subjects will have final examination while the other two do not have. This semester there are three subjects that I found they are quite difficult for me. The three subjects are Fundamentals of Finance (FIN242), Macroeconomics (ECO211) and Introduction to Statistics (QMT181). Other than that I take Arabic Language (BAB101) for my third language, English for Academic Purpose (BEL311), and Fundamental of Islamic Economics (CTU241). For my co-curriculum subject, I continue taking Badminton (HSL221) from Semester Two. I found Badminton is really fun and interest so I just continue that sport for my co-curriculum. My goals for this semester is I want to get three pointer and above because I want to make fast track in next semester. I want to continue my degree in Bachelor in Finance. 
First, I would like to share about my Fundamentals of Finance. The code for this subject is FIN 242. My lecturer for this subject is Mrs. Saliza. This is my favourite subject because I do like counting subject so much. This is my first time to take this subject in diploma level since I have experienced in taking a subject similar to this subject in my secondary school past few years ago. Mrs. Saliza is very kind person. She teaches us with her own style and it really fun to be in her class. I have my own target for this subject which is I hope I will get grade A.
Next, I want to share a little bit about my Macroeconomics subject. The code for this subject is ECO211. My lecturer’s name is Mrs. Diana Mazan. She is a strict lecturer but sometimes she can make joke with her student. This is my second time I learned about Economics subject since I have took this kind of subject in my secondary school before. My target is I want to get an A for this subject because I have been studying little bit about this subject in my secondary school and I hope it will help me a lot.
For my third subject is I took Introduction to Statistics and its code is QMT181. This is another counting subject for this semester that I need to take. Miss Nurdia Azlin is my lecturer for this subject. This subject is quite difficult for me. Besides that, I got a rumour from my seniors that this subject is hard to pass. But, for me I will never keep trying to do as best as I can for this subject. I believe in myself that I can do well in this subject. For this subject, I need to do more exercises in order for me to get familiar with final examination questions. I want to get at least B+ or A- for this subject, but if I can get an A it is better.
This semester I need to take third language subject to full fill my course credit hour. I had been chosen Arabic Language for my third language. The code for this subject is BAB101. I chose this language because I want to learn new things in my life. The lecturer for this subject is Ustaz Rozman. He is very open-minded and he liked to share stories when he is teaching in the class. I hope I can speak Arabic language fluently in the future. My target for this subject is A. Even it seems easy; I also need to be focused and cannot consider this subject is too easy to pass.
Mr.Iszuan is my BEL311. This subject is known as English for Academic Purpose lecturer. He is very strict but nice person. He wants his students to do well in this subject. I want to get at least B+ for this subject. I will try my best in this subject because it looks easy to pass but if we do not focus much, we may fail this subject. I really afraid of this subject since my English is not really good. But, it is not an excuse to me to fail this subject. I will work harder to pass this subject with flying colour. 
Besides that, I also took CTU241. It is about Islamic economic. This is the only subject that is teaches in Malay language. So, I just have to focus and score in this subject since the language use is our Mother Tongue language. Lecturer for this subject is Ustaz Nazrudin. He is very simple person and very kind person. He likes to make a joke when teaching in the class. I like his style when teaching in the class. He do not like to scold his student because he said that all of his student had matured to differentiate which one is good and which one is not good to do. I really like to be in his class. My target for this subject is of course, I want to get an A.
I like to play badminton. So, for my curriculum subject I have chosen HSL221 which is Badminton sport. My lecturer name for this subject is Mr. Jasni. He is very friendly person. He treats his student like his little brother and son. I like his style very much. This subject is very easy to pass. For this semester I also target A for Badminton.
As a conclusion, in order for me to continue my degree next semester, I need to pass all the subjects and I hope all my wishes come true. Do pray for me and all the best to all my classmates. Thank you.