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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Unforgotten Moment

I believe that every people have their own never forgotten moment. So do I. I have many unforgotten experience in my life. One of them is I had an accident with a car. On that time I'm riding a motorcycle. That accident happen when i'm on my way to go to work. It happen near to my house. I still remember how it happens.

There was a car on the other junction. I was on the other side of junction. When the traffic light change to green, I quickly turn right. At the same time, that car u turn his car without noticing me who is passing the road. in just a five seconds, I fell down. luckily I don't have serious injury. my leg and my elbow scratch. many people come to me to know whether i'm okay or not. I praised to Allah for saving me. 

When the crowd is worried about my condition, this irresponsible driver who hit me didnt satisfied. After he looked at my condition, he keep screaming to me. he said that I'm the one who is fault. He dont want to take his responsiblity. he dont want to pay all the treatment. I went to the clinic with a very nice guy. The iresponsible driver met my father and he still blaming me. Many witnesses said that it is not my fault. My father decided to make a police report since the driver did not want to give his cooperation.

After make the police report and they found evidences that it's not my fault, the driver start give his cooperation. He also being advised because of his manners.

Since the accident, I quite traumatize to see blood for a long period. It will make me remember every single things about the accident. Besides that, the accident taught me to be a very careful rider and also a careful driver. I always pray for my safety when i'm riding or driving.

That is all about my never forgotten experience. Thank you for reading this entry.  

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